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FermBiotics produces ingredients and supplements for people and pets

Danish microbiome company is dating global food producers

The American accelerator program Plug and Play has selected  FermBiotics to participate in a business development program where some of the largest cooperations in food are scouting for health-promoting ingredients. 

Chances were fifteen out of 1000

In February,  Thomas Pedersen, CEO of FermBiotics, received the news that the company had made it and was selected for one of the 15 seats in the global accelerator program Plug and Play Food Tec. The announcement came shortly after FermBiotics had pitched its health-promoting ingredients to the programs’ partners, consisting of global food and feed producer like Mars Inc., PepsiCo, ADM, Mondelez, IFF, amongst others. 

“We were chosen as one of 15 from 1.000 shortlisted companies in the category Food. We are now working hard to establish a fruitful network and obtaining valuable knowledge from our mentors and collaborative partners. They will help us bring the products to market much faster”, says Thomas Pedersen, who completed a so-called speed-dating with the program partners.

Helping people with enhanced Cholesterol and Diabetes 2

The natural and sustainable ingredients are made from fermented seaweeds and plant protein, contributing to improved health status for people and pets. The process is patented worldwide and is already used by FermBiotics sister company European Protein and Fermentationexperts to marked functional proteins for husbandry. The excellent results from husbandry have laid the foundation for two clinical trials on people, conducted at Silkeborg Hospital and Copenhagen University in Denmark. The study aims to document the ingredients’ positive effect on IBD (irritable Bowel Disease), enhanced cholesterol and Diabetes 2.

It makes the gut microflora healthy

The supplement is made from a mixture of prebiotic fibre, probiotic lactic acid bacteria, vitamins, minerals and more. The interrelationship minimizes low-grade inflammation and improves the guts’ ability to utilize nutrition, and strengthens the guts’ natural immune defence:

” A healthy gut consists of many different types of bacteria. Daily consumption of 5 grams increases the gut microbiome’s diversity by up to 25% while promoting beneficial bacterias. The gut is home for more than 70% of our immune defence, and that’s why the gut microflora has a lot to say about how well your immune system is working,” says Molecular Biologist Søren Kjærulff, who is responsible for Research and Development at FermBiotics.

According to FermBiotics, it’s the composition and not the individual compound alone that determines the health effect. The ingredient has more than 1.500 different bioactive compounds produced during fermentation. The compounds have antibacterial and antiinflammatory capabilities, which is why clinical trials are testing whether the ingredients can be used to prevent, limit or reduce autoimmune diseases.

The pet food products for dogs, horses and cats are already on the market under the brand PetFerm®, and can be purchase on www.petferm.dk, while the supplement or ingredient still awaits its’ Food approval.     

You can read the Plug and Play press release here


For more information please contact:

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